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The upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor (UASB) is a single tank process. Wastewater enters the reactor from the bottom, and flows upward. A suspended sludge blanket filters and treats the wastewater as the wastewater flows through it. High reduction of BOD. Can withstand high organic and hydraulic loading rates. Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor belongs to high-rate systems, able to perform anaerobic reaction at reduced hydraulic retention time, if compared to traditional digesters. The upward flow combined with the settling action of gravity suspends the blanket with the aid of flocculants. The blanket begins to reach maturity at around three months. Small sludge granules begin to form whose surface area is covered in aggregations of bacteria. In the absence of any support matrix, the flow conditions create a selective environment in which only those microorganisms capable of attaching to each other survive and proliferate.

Features :

  • Provides high removal efficiency even at high OLR and low temperature and therefore requires smaller reactor volume.
  • Simple construction and low operation and maintenance cost due to local availability of construction material and other parts.
  • Robustness in treatment efficiency and wide applicability from very small to very large scale.
  • Energy is generated as methane/hydrogen gas. Energy generated can be used to heat the boilers to reduce operation costs. Less energy demand when external temperature control is not required.
  • Less CO2 emissions due to less energy requirement and additional energy production in the form of biogas that can be used to run the system.
  • Low sludge production as compared to aerobic processes. The sludge produced is stabilized having good dewatering characteristics can be stored for extended time periods and reused as an inoculum for seeding UASB reactors.
  • Quick startup time (about one week) by means of granular anaerobic sludge as seed.
  • Ability to withstand organic shock loads.
  • Ability to treat sewage due to availability of macro- and micronutrients and stability of pH without addition of any chemicals.
  • Requires less power than aerobic processes
  • Biogas generated can be used as fuel or electricity.

Product Details :

COD Removal efficiency65 – 70 %
BOD Removal efficiency75 – 80 %
TSS Removal efficiency75 – 80 %
Shapesquare or rectangular design, both in the cross sectional area and the superficial area
MOC of GLS SeperatorsGRP & PVC

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