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STP Tertiary Treatment UF Plants

STP Tertiary Treatment UF Plants

Ultrafiltration is a membrane based technology, which is used for separation of higher molecular weight particles from water. It can separate particles of even 0.01 microns from liquid ( i.e. Molecular weight 10KD to 100KD). Green Aqua uses latest generation Hollow-Fiber configuration ultrafiltration membranes. The technical support backed by the expertise form the world’s leading Membrane manufacturers like All ultrafiltration systems are strictly designed as per the guidelines of the membrane manufacturers and are backed with the most advanced software projections.

Features :

  • Easy access of online monitoring points .
  • High on energy saving .
  • Simple to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Automatic forward flush and back flush.
  • Consistently low SDI in the UF filtrate .
  • Significantly reduced RO membrane fouling and cleaning frequency .
  • Extended RO membrane life .
  • Reliable production of high quality water regardless of raw water turbidity .
  • Higher RO membrane flux .
  • Smaller footprints lower land acquisition costs .
  • Lower consumption of operational and cleaning chemicals.

Product Details :

MakeM/s Hydranautics, USA, M/s Dow. M/s GE M/s torray , M/s Koch
SkidSS 304
operation modeFully / semi automatic
DesignFloor mounted
Type of membraneHollow fiber membrane

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