Effluent RO Treatment Plant

Effluent RO treatment plant To meet varied specifications of our respected clients, we are providing EffluentRO Treatment Plant for treatment...

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Multi Grade Sand Filter

Multi Grade Sand Filter Raw water contains suspended solids which have to be removed prior to core treatment or utilization....

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Activated Carbon filter

Activated Carbon Filter Carbon bed media filters are utilized as polishers for residual organics and chlorine removal. Various options are...

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Mixedbed Unit

Mixedbed Unit Green Aqua offer an array of pre-engineered packaged de-mineraliser units and custom-built de-mineraliser to meet individual customer requirements....

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Iron Removal Filter

Iron Removal Filter Iron removal filter is that kind of filter that removes iron from the water. These are designed...

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De-mineralization Plant

De-Mineralization Plant Demineralization is a method of purifying water. While the term demineralization can refer to any treatment technique that...

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