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Packaged STP

Packaged STP

Precisely designed our Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is used for treating sewage or effluent generated by hospitals, institutions/commercial buildings, large colonies, hotels and others. The entire package unit is skid mounted and can be installed near to the effluent /sewage receiving underground tank. The treated water can be reused in gardening. Aeration by air diffuser to increase the dissolved oxygen and decrease the BOD in the effluent. Sedimentation of bio mass in tube settler. Filtration of sewage through Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters. Chlorination of sewage for disinfection. For treating effluent, or sewage generated by large colonies, Hotels, Hospitals and institutions / commercial buildings Novatech offers compact sewage treatment plants. The treated effluent water can be further polished through Tertiary treatment with Filtration plant, Activated Carbon Filter and Softeners to produce clean, clear and hardness free water for reuse in the industries for Cooling Tower make up or gardening purpose. Prefabricated Compact Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plant, which can treat up to 100000 Litres/day of effluent/sewage. The entire package unit is skid mounted and can be installed near to the effluent/sewage receiving underground tank. This is the only underground tank which client has to provide at site to collect the raw sewage/effluent. After treatment, the treated water can be reused for gardening or can be disposed off. The packaged Effluent/Sewage treatment plant uses all the treatments of aerobic system. It includes Aeration by air diffuser to increase the dissolved oxygen and decrease the BOD in the effluent, sedimentation of bio mass in tube settler, filtration and activated carbon filtration of sewage through Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters and finally chlorination of sewage for disinfection. We present a broad spectrum of packaged sewage treatment systems to handle domestic and industrial sewage originating from industrial residences, large commercial complexes, small and medium industries. Standard modules facilitate a shorter delivery period. The completely pre engineered units require very less civil works and can be erected and commissioned in a short time span. The pre fabricated units are independent of site location (i.e.) in places where there is space constraint or cost of space is very high, these units can be located either on the top of the building, structures or in the basement. The packaged units work on a media based biological degradation. The specifically developed media made from UV stabilized and chemically resistant propylene offers an ideal condition for growth of micro organisms to degrade the incoming organic contaminants. The use of media also reduces the aeration tank sizes substantially thereby reducing the footprint of Sewage Treatment plant. The process air required is provided by means of twin lobe type air blower which transfers air through rugged EPDM diffusers. The media also substantially reduces the sludge generation from these units. Options are available to house the blower in sound proof enclosures to reduce noise thus facilitating the location of units close by to residential units. Packaged units come in standard modules with capacities ranging from 5 m3/day to 200 m3/day. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are ideal for the following applications: Residential Colonies Commercial Complexes Software Parks Hotels & Restaurants Resorts & Amusement Parks Small And Medium Industries

Features :

  • High Organic & Volumetric loading rates.
  • Small Foot print, Compact Plants.
  • Available in FRP, MSFRP etc. Noiseless Operation.
  • Fully Automatic PLC based.
  • Low energy requirement & O & M cost.
  • Size available from 2 to 150 m3 /d.

Product Details :

THICKNESS6 mm to 8 mm

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