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Mixedbed Unit

Mixedbed Unit

Green Aqua offer an array of pre-engineered packaged de-mineraliser units and custom-built de-mineraliser to meet individual customer requirements. De-gasifiers In this we offer a full range of degassers to suit the packaged and custom-made de-mineraliser. Degassers when installed downstream of the cation unit removes the carbondioxide, thereby reducing the load on the downstream unit. This results in cost savings by way of reduced chemical consumption. Standard units comprise of a tower in mild steel rubber lined / FRP construction along with a blower and transfer pump in stainless steel construction. Additional pump and blowers are offered as options.

Features :

  • Rinse water requirements are very low.
  • Water purity very high
  • Low Maintenance

Product Details :

Degasification SystemsFRP & MSRL
Mixed Bed DemineralisersFRP & MSRL
MediaCation resin
TypeAutomatic / Semi-automatic
Control panelPLC based
ApplicationBoiler feed, Laboratories & R & D Centers

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