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Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

The membrane bioreactor (MBR) has emerged as an efficient compact technology for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. It is a combination of membrane processes like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a biological wastewater treatment process, the activated sludge process. This technology has emerged as a wastewater treatment technology of choice over the activated sludge process (ASP), which has been the conventional municipal wastewater technology over the last century. MBR is, in fact, one of the most important innovations in wastewater treatment , as it overcomes the drawbacks of the conventional ASP, including large space requirement for secondary clarifiers, liquid–solid separation issues, production of excess sludge, and limitations with removal of recalcitrant . MBRs have been used for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reclamation. An MBR is a hybrid of a conventional biological treatment system and physical liquid–solid separation using membrane filtration in one system. over the last two decades. Finding sustainable membrane fouling mitigation strategies in MBRs has been one of the main concerns.

Features :

  • High-quality effluent
  • higher volumetric loading rates,
  • shorter hydraulic retention times, therefor smaller footprint
  • less sludge production
  • Possible to convert from existing conventional STP’s

Product Details :

flux internal MBR10 – 20 l/m².h
flux external MBR30 -40 l/m².h
pore size0.1 micron
MOCPVDF (Poly Vinyl Difloride)
ApplicationHotels, Hospital, Residential, Commercial, Industrial

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