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Industrial RO Plants

Industrial RO Plants

Reverse Osmosis technology has grown to a large extent in the last decade. The industry has been benefited by the introduction of higher efficient, rugged and energy saving membranes. Green Aqua cater to a variety of Reverse Osmosis plants to meet individual and industrial requirements and are backed by the world’s leading membrane manufacturers like Dow- Film tech, Hydranautics-USA and GE osmonics, etc. We design, offer the State-of-the-Art packaged Industrial RO Water Plant complete with Pre & Post Treatment equipment to deliver Very Pure Water from Brackish or Saline water. The permeate water contains very Low TDS & free from Particulate, Organic and Colloidal matter. The Reverse Osmosis units are designed in a compact skid with easy access to monitor check points and sample valves. Standard specifications of our Industrial RO Water Plant includes Pressure sand filter, activated carbon filter, Pre Micron Filter, High Pressure Pump, RO membrane module, electrical Control Panel with TDS meter and Wet Panel with Flow Indicators and Pressure Gauges, pressure switch and electrically driven solenoid valve, Pressure Regulator valve, MS with powder coated/Stainless steel 304 skids etc. Available Range of RO plants: 100 to 25000 Liters per Hour and more. TREATMENT SCHEME & PROCESS DESCRIPTION Pressure sand filter: The water from clarified water tank is pumped to sand filter. The sand filter will remove the suspended solids. The filter consists of graded sand and silex media and as the water flows through the filter media, the particulate matter gets arrested. Chlorine dosing System: Chlorine dosing system is used to kill the entire microbial load in the water. RO Membranes are sometimes susceptible to Biological fouling to heavy load of microbes passing through membrane. Activate Carbon Filter: The Activated Carbon filter removes suspended matter and organic impurities presenting water, it also removes bad smell if present in water. The back washing facilities are available which helps to clear the bed of dirt, fines and to reclassify the granules for next cycle. Anti Oxidant Dosing System: All thin film composite membranes are not suitable for presence of free chlorine as it may oxidize the membranes. To avoid this it is necessary to De-chlorinate the water. Antiscalant Dosing System: Anticipant is used to control the Scaling tendency of the Membranes. RO Membranes are more susceptible to Scaling and if the same is not controlled properly it may lead to excessive scaling of the membranes which is sometimes irreversible. Micron Cartridge Filter: 5-10 Micron Cartridge filter is provided to prevent fine particles passage to RO Membranes. This Cartridge Filter has a housing in which cartridges are placed. Reverse Osmosis Block: Thin Film Composite Semi Permeable Membranes under the influence of external pressure will undergo the process of Reverse Osmosis separating high TDS water into very low TDS Permeate and Very Highly TDS rejection streams. Feed quality coupled with pre-treatment and membrane selection; determine the recovery that can be obtained through the RO system. UV filtration: The UV radiation may helps in the inactivation of micro organisms while purified water passing through the quartz as post treatment.

Features :

  • Green Aqua offers you advance generation of Reverse osmosis systems which comprises
  • Periodical automatic Membrane Auto flushing.
  • Automatic plant on/off control system, auto automatic back wash.
  • Multi stage purification .(Pre treatment and post treatment)
  • Well designed engineering, components of standard and reputed make.
  • Anti scalant dosing system for safe guard of membranes.
  • In built CIP system with cartridge pre filter for periodical membrane sanitation.
  • High Pressure Pump protection through trips on Low Suction Pressure.

Product Details :

BrandGreen Aqua
RO Capacity5000 – 50000 LPH
Max Water Recovery Rate50%
Operation modeSemi – Automatic

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