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Desalination Plant

Desalination Plant

We offer Sea water desalination reverse osmosis plants for production of low TDS permeate from sea water. The sea water desalination units are constructed based on a process expertise and an on-field experience we own backed by leading membrane manufacturers like dow film tech Hydranautics and GE osmonics etc. The desalination units are custom-made in combination with a site specific pre-treatment and sea intake system. The pre-treatment section is designed based on the input sea water quality and ensures that the right quality of sea water is provided as feed to the RO at all times. Typical pre treatment system envisage Disinfection at intake point Coagulation settling Disinfection Filtration Optional Upgrade packages include Feed pump Pre-treatment filter Chemical dosing systems Auto flushing Micro PLC based controller CIP system with cartridge pre filter Process Description: Pretreatment : Before the RO process, seawater entering the desalination plant flows through screens that remove debris, then goes through a traditional treatment process called coagulation and flocculation. In this process, chemicals are added to the seawater to make algae, organic materials and particles clump together so they can be removed more easily in the sand filtration stage. After sand filtration, the salty water goes through diatomaceous earth filters to remove silt and fine particles. Cartridge filters just before the RO membranes serve as a backstop, removing any particles that may be remaining after the diatomaceous earth filters. Reverse Osmosis High pressure forces the pretreated water through semi-permeable membranes to separate the freshwater, leaving twice-as-salty seawater and other minerals behind.

Features :

  • Green Aqua offer you advance generation of De salination Reverse osmosis plants which comprises:
  • Periodical automatic Membrane Auto flushing.
  • Automatic plant on/off control system,
  • auto automatic back wash.
  • Multi stage purification (Pre treatment and post treatment)
  • Well designed engineering,
  • components of standard and reputed make.
  • Anti scalant dosing system for safe guard of membranes.
  • In built CIP system with cartridge pre filter for periodical membrane sanitation.
  • High Pressure Pump protection through trips on Low Suction Pressure.
  • In order to safeguard the R.O. System a low pressure switch is provided at the suction of high pressure pump to avoid dry run.
  • High pressure switch is provided to trip the high pressure pump when high pressure built in pressure tube/high pressure line than recommended operating pressure.
  • Built with necessary instruments ie. pressure gauges, TDS/Conductivity monitor, flow meters, ORP meter(for pharmaceutical and food industries) etc., to monitor/control the plant functions.
  • User friendly control panel with adequate interlocks,
  • safety controls and auto manual switch.

Product Details :

SourceSea water
Operation modeSemi – automatic
ApplicationIndustrial and commercial
output salinity50 ppm TDS

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