De-mineralization Plant

De-Mineralization Plant Demineralization is a method of purifying water. While the term demineralization can refer to any treatment technique that removes minerals from water, it is usually reserved for ion exchange (IX) processes that remove ionic mineral pollutants almost completely. The phrases deionization and demineralization are frequently used interchangeably. The Process of removing minerals and … Read more

Iron Removal Filter

Iron Removal Filter Iron removal filter is that kind of filter that removes iron from the water. These are designed for removing the excess iron content present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. It helps to treat the hardness of water by removing minerals and making the water soft. It is one of … Read more

Mixedbed Unit

Mixedbed Unit Green Aqua offer an array of pre-engineered packaged de-mineraliser units and custom-built de-mineraliser to meet individual customer requirements. De-gasifiers In this we offer a full range of degassers to suit the packaged and custom-made de-mineraliser. Degassers when installed downstream of the cation unit removes the carbondioxide, thereby reducing the load on the downstream … Read more

Water Softener Plant

Water Softener Plant Green Aqua offer a wide range of Water Softeners that are developed in a way to remove the hardness imparting impurities from water i.e., Ca and Mg into non hardness form i.e., Na.. The commonly used softening media is Sodium Based strong Acid Cation Resin. The entire range of water softening. We … Read more

Activated Carbon filter

Activated Carbon Filter Carbon bed media filters are utilized as polishers for residual organics and chlorine removal. Various options are available for the carbon media form the normal Iodine value to higher Iodine value carbon for specialized applications. Features : High filtrate quality Lower frequency of backwash Low pressure drop Low capital cost Efficient color … Read more

Multi Grade Sand Filter

Multi Grade Sand Filter Raw water contains suspended solids which have to be removed prior to core treatment or utilization. Multi grade Sand Filter contains carefully selected two different grades of sand to provide surface and depth filtration. Multigrade Sand Filter reduces suspended solids (10 to 25 ppm*) from raw water. The filtered water will … Read more

Residential Water Softener

Residential Water Softener Owing to years of industrial experience and deep knowledge, we have been able to provide a wide range of Residential Water Softener. Get installed in your home, this softener will make you feel better bathing, improve the taste of water. The given softener is valued in the market owing to its simple … Read more

Effluent RO Treatment Plant

Effluent RO treatment plant To meet varied specifications of our respected clients, we are providing EffluentRO Treatment Plant for treatment of effluents and also output water of the effleunt treatment plant. The offered plant removes pollution effluents with economical operation to meet the stringent pollution control norms. Our range is based on advance technology and … Read more