Sludge Bags

Sludge Bags The floculated sludge is fed into the bag by gravity, where filtration takes place. then these bags are placed in the open for drying by natural evaporation process. We offering the highly effective Bag Filtration System with filter cleaning apparatus that utilizes pulsed air for removing the waste matter collected on the first … Read more

Filter Press

Filter Press An industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically to separate solids and liquids. The machine stacks many filter elements and allows the filter to be easily opened to remove the filtered solids, and allows easy cleaning or replacement of the filter media. Filter presses cannot be operated in a … Read more

Centrifuge System

Centrifuge System A centrifuge is a device, generally driven by an electric motor, that puts an object, e.g., a rotor, in a rotational movement around a fixed axis. A centrifuge works by using the principle of sedimentation: Under the influence of gravitational force (g-force), substances separate according to their density. The purpose of a centrifuge … Read more

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