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Booster Pump

Booster Pump

The most common household application for a booster pump is to pressurize the water that comes from the storage tank in homes that use a well water system. The main benefit of a booster pump installed in a home is increased water pressure to all water fixtures. A booster pump is often recommended to increase water pressure to a desired level and improve its flow rate. They are also useful in applications where a single pump cannot deliver the desired service pressure and ensure that other pumps in the system do not cavitate.

Features :

  • Increases Pressure.
  • Boosts Water Supply.
  • Caters to a Variety of Applications.
  • Affordable Upgradation of existing system.

Product Details :

Flow RangeUpto 14m³/hr
Power Range0.37 – 2.2 kW/ 0.5 – 3.0 HP
Head RangeUpto 52 m
Water Temperatureambient up to 55 degrees C

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