Heat Pump

Heat Pump Heat Pump unlike conventional electric water heaters saves upto 70% power. Features : High Efficiency Compressor: It ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water and increased savings. Intelligent controller: Temperature and the time when hot water is required can be easily set via smart digital. Isolated safe condenser: Designed according to European standards, … Read more

UV System

UV System Our UV systems are used throughout a wide range of water treatment applications, including industrial process water, potable water and municipal water. UV water treatment is a clean, simple, effective way to treat bacteria and viruses in water. Treating water with Ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the MOST effective ways to treat … Read more


Ozonator In recent years, sophisticated needs for advanced sewage treatment have been increasing for recycling sewage treatment water. Ozonation as part of advanced sewage treatment is assumed to be extremely effective for decolourization, disinfection, deodorization, and reduction of COD because of its strong oxidizing capability. Green Aqua offers an originally developed ozonation system that achieves … Read more

Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pumps Green Aqua supplies wide range of pumps depending on the requirement. We deal with any type of pumps such as submersible, self priming, Monoblock, Multistage vertical and horizontal pumps, Mud pumps, Sewage pumps, dewatering pumps , sludge pumps , cutter pumps , bore water pumps etc. Features : Expert selection of pumps for … Read more

Booster Pump

Booster Pump The most common household application for a booster pump is to pressurize the water that comes from the storage tank in homes that use a well water system. The main benefit of a booster pump installed in a home is increased water pressure to all water fixtures. A booster pump is often recommended … Read more

Hydro Pneumatic System

Hydro Pneumatic System Hydro Pneumatic Water Supply System enables water supply under pressure to the taps and flushing connections in domestic and industrial establishments by means of automatic pumping equipment. The hydro pneumatic system consists of a pressure pump and a pressure tank. The pressure tank consists of a rubber bladder surrounded by pressurized air. … Read more

SS Storage Tanks

SS Storage Tanks We provide full customization on our storage tanks as per the specifications and requirements of the client. All the raw materials are used depending on usage of the tank and also as per client’s input. These tanks are corrosion resistant and easily withstand various temperature fluctuations and variations. These tanks have a … Read more

FRP Storage Tanks

FRP Storage Tanks Offering you a complete choice of products which include FRP septic tank. We manufacture and supply FRP Water storage Tanks that are used for water storage and vessels. The behavior and the properties of the tanks depend on the grade. FRP tanks and process vessels are used in various commercial and industrial … Read more

Water Vending Station – WVM

Water Vending Station – WVM A holistic water and wastewater treatment company, Green Aqua Enviro Projects Private Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana, India offers a full range of the best state-of-the-art water vending machines and systems to meet our customers’ water vending needs on the market. Whether you are looking for mild steel, stainless steel or fiberglass … Read more

IRCTC-Water Vending Machine

IRCTC-Water Vending Machine Green Aqua introducing new generation water vending machines with minimum foot print. A complete compact solution for chilled RO purified water with advanced vending options. Ro control panel: Complete automatic logical panel, quantity and quality of water TDS, PH monitors with remote control operation and online data generation system. Electrical: Total Electrical … Read more

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