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Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract

Good maintenance is vital, no matter what kind of maintenance we’re talking about. That’s why Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are so popular and so important. We deal with both comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC’s where we handle the complete plant survey on the working condition on every visit and identify the failures if any and caution for pre maintenance wherever required. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to have annual maintenance contracts. In the end, they tend to save you money, provide peace of mind and ensure high standards can be maintained consistently.

Features :

  • Guarantees optimal performance and productivity.
  • Savings in machine acquisition and operation for a longer term
  • Maintenance as a preventative step (target: no breakdowns)
  • Rapid response (if breakdowns)
  • Expert technicians would always be available to answer any of your queries and clear your doubts.

Product Details :

ComprehensiveIncluding equipment repairs and replacements
Non – Comprehensivereporting on the working condition and guiding for pre maintenance
Duration1 Year
LocationPAN india

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